Heather Novak

Shape and Form Pilates South Yarra Heather Novak

Shape and Form Pilates South Yarra Heather Novak

Heather Novak – Principal Pilates Instructor

For the past ten years Heather Novak (previously Heather Birch) has dedicated herself to the teaching of a Pilates based method of health and fitness. She has been gradually developing her knowledge to a deeper level through extensive practice, reading, research, and discussions with other health professionals.

Heather comes from a classical ballet background, which laid the foundation for the work she does today. Heather graduated from the Australian Ballet School in 1969. She danced with the London Festival Ballet (now The English National Ballet) and The Australian Ballet.

Circumstances cut short Heather’s dance career however, her interest in dance, music and the potential of the human body was ever present. She eventually resumed ballet training and gained a postgraduate diploma of Dance Teaching at Q.U.T. Brisbane 2001.

Heather experimented with different physical activities. Through experience and observation she began to realise that fitness regimes eg. aerobics, gym work and running etc. without skilled supervision, often compound the bad habits of poor posture and poor body alignment, especially when carrying excess body weight.

An introduction to the Pilates method deepened Heather’s fascination for the mind/body connection. Heather’s desire to contribute to the health and well-being in the community led her to undertake Pilates teachers’ training with the A.P.M.A., then to work in a Physiotherapy and Pilates studio before opening Shape & Form in 2002.

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