Shape and Form Pilates South Yarra Testimonials Reviews Feedback

Shape and Form Pilates South Yarra Testimonials Reviews Feedback

Feedback and reviews received from our valued clients

When I first started coming to Heather my body completely transformed over a few weeks. People noticed I moved differently, stood differently and of course looked different. Over the years I have found Heather’s teaching to be so ingrained in my mind that I can practice them to relieve my body aches and pains instantly. She is the most amazing pilates instructor I’ve ever  met, and her body and physical health speaks volumes about just how good she is too.

Allissa O.


I have been doing Pilates with Heather at Shape and Form once a week for 5 years. Prior to commencing Pilates at Shape and Form I experienced chronic neck and back pain, requiring pain relief a number of times a day. I tried numerous health professionals who often gave me temporary relief but the problem would return within days. Soon after beginning Pilates, my neck and back problems eased and I no longer required pain relief. My posture has improved dramatically and my pain is gone, in addition I now have a much better understanding and awareness of my body.

I continued Pilates throughout my pregnancy. Heather modified my sessions and I did not experience any of the back pain that pregnant women often do. I returned to Pilates a few months after the birth of my daughter and was back to my pre-pregnant strength within a short period of time. I highly recommend Pilates at Shape and Form to everyone!


As the result of spinal surgery to remove a tumor, followed by radiation, I experienced severe pain when walking which greatly limited my activities. Pain management for 10 years included various drugs, including morphine, as I searched for a better solution to my problem. I tried acupuncture, massage and yoga. Three years ago a physiotherapist recommended Heather Novak as an expert in pilates. After a few months with Heather at Shape and Form I could walk as much as I liked without pain!

My life has dramatically changed as a result of Heather’s training and supervision – she is extremely conscientious about helping each client individually and I have been pleased to recommend many friends to her. Each one of those friends is grateful that I found Heather!

At 18 years of age, my body was not capable to continue to play high-level football anymore.

With numerous serious injuries including having dislocated two shoulders and one elbow, numerous broken fingers and sprains, a broken nose, a serious lower-back complaint and many torn muscles (mostly hamstrings and groins) to name a few, my body was worse-for-wear after many strenuous years of playing the game that I love.

I decided at that point that it was not in my best interests to continue harming my body in this way, and decided to retire from the game and take up another that I loved, golf.

Fresh out of school, it was at this stage that I began a Pilates-based rehabilitation program, under the tuition of Heather Novak, and nearly 3 years later I have nearly reached the point that I had so often dreamed about: a completely pain free back! From crippling lower-back pain, which caused me to regularly tear hamstrings and groins, I am now pursuing a Professional Golf career with high-hopes and a new body.

My lower-back pain is now very minimal due to the decreased strain that I now place on it. This is due to my increased flexibility in my upper and lower back, hip-flexors, glutes, hamstrings and calves as well as due to my greater awareness regarding weight-training and exercise programs. This increased flexibility has allowed me to now adopt a better posture throughout my golf swing and has significantly increased my rotation in both my lower and upper body.

This Pilates regime has had a very positive impact on my physical and mental health and I recommend it for anyone who is actively seeking to make a positive change to themselves.
I have been seeing Heather for a number of years now. I am a dancer and I soon realised that without a stable core I would not be able to get the most out of my career.

I started seeing Heather and my life changed. It improved my dance technique dramatically. I was especially excited about being able to hold certain positions and extend my body gracefully, as well as the improvement in my pirouettes.

Another big benefit was that of relaxation. Every time I leave Heather’s class I am a different person from the one that walked in. I feel more grounded and connected.

I would recommend Heather to anyone wishing to get the most out of their body – every dancer needs to see her!


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