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Efficient breathing for a healthier life

Efficient breathing for a healthier life

Efficient breathing for a healthier life

by Heather Novak

Efficient breathing for a healthier lifeBreathing is a necessity for living but how often do we think about how we breathe. Generally we shallow breathe, take short breaths into the upper chest and fail to breathe out completely. Most of us are breathing at 30% of our capacity.

Breathing enhances:-

mind and body coordination

circulation and all bodily functions


good posture


 free-flowing movement

There are a variety of ways of breathing which have different purposes and are often used to overcome particular medical complaints and conditions.

Here we will discuss lateral breathing which can be used in everyday life and is the marriage companion for the Pilates Method.

Here’s how we do it at SF Pilates South Yarra….

We assist you in establishing a breathing rhythm comfortable for you.

Breathing should not be forced. With time and practice you will be able to breathe more deeply and take longer breaths.

Breathe in through the nose with the lips shut and breathe out through the mouth with the lips relaxed and ever so slightly open. There should be no sound…a continuous breath in and a continuous  breath out.

On inhalation we want to visualize a gentle lateral expansion of the ribs, continuing this expansion down into the lower pelvic region.

As we exhale the breath settles more deeply into the lower regions, relaxing these muscles and making a “valley” in front of the pubic bone.

In this way we can connect with the deepest part of our physical self.

This breathing technique can be practised without movement.

Find a firm surface in a warm environment with head support if necessary, knees are bent feet flat.

Incorporating this breathing technique with movement helps to restore balance, maintain good health and vitality.







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